Saturday, June 23, 2012


When I think about last Saturday, so many words and emotions come to mind.  Tradition.  Spirit.  Success.  Friendship.  Determination.  Pride.  Healing.  Joy.  But for me, there's one word- one emotion that stands above all the others.  That word is LOVE.  I seriously wonder if there has ever been more love in one room than there was in the Pritchard Community Center on June 16th, 2012.  Love for people we know well, and love for those we don't.  Love for people we'd never seen before - people who left East Hardin before we were born, or people who weren't born when we left East Hardin. Love for directors and their families;  for parents, teachers and friends who gave their all for this little band from Glendale, Kentucky.  Love for people with whom we'd never shared a conversation, but with whom we share something so much deeper.  There was this beautiful thread that wove itself around that room, entangling all of us.  We were REBELEERS... and with that connection came a sea of unconditional love.  What a beautiful feeling it was to be surrounded by so much love!  My prayer is that we will never forget that feeling - that on those days when we feel alone and unloved, the warmth of June 16th, 2012 will come flooding back.  I love all of you.  Let the music, the memories, the LOVE, play on. 
To view the slideshow that was part of the program at the reunion, click on the link right below the picture at the top of this page.  You may be asked to install or download some viewing software.  If so, it's harmless to do!  Email me if you have a problem.  Thanks!